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Coreopsis UPTICK 'Yellow and Red' - Coreopsis hybrida



Coreopsis 'Uptick Yellow and Red' (Coreopsis x 'Uptick Yellow and Red') is a compact and floriferous perennial that thrives in full sun and well-drained soils. This hybrid variety combines the cheerful yellow petals of Coreopsis grandiflora with a bold red eye, creating a striking color contrast. The flowers resemble daisies and bloom profusely from late spring to early fall, attracting butterflies, bees, and other pollinators to the garden.

Growing to about 12-18 inches tall and spreading up to 24 inches wide, 'Uptick Yellow and Red' forms dense mounds of foliage that remain attractive throughout the season. It is known for its long-lasting blooms and ability to tolerate heat and drought once established. This variety of Coreopsis is ideal for borders, containers, and mass plantings, providing continuous color and attracting beneficial insects to the garden. Easy to grow and maintain, 'Uptick Yellow and Red' is a delightful addition to both formal and informal landscapes, adding vibrant hues and supporting local biodiversity.

Coreopsis UPTICK 'Yellow and Red' - Coreopsis hybrida

  • Zone: 4-9

    Spread: 12-14 in.

    Height: 12-14 in.

    Sun: Full sun

    Water: Average

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