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lorado Columbine (Aquilegia coerulea), also known as Rocky Mountain Columbine, is a beautiful perennial native to the Rocky Mountains. This elegant plant is renowned for its striking, bi-colored flowers, which typically feature a combination of blue and white petals with long, graceful spurs. The flowers bloom from late spring to early summer, attracting a variety of pollinators, including bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

This columbine thrives in well-drained soils and prefers full sun to partial shade. It is adaptable to a range of garden conditions, from rock gardens and woodland edges to mixed borders. Although native to the Rocky Mountains, it can be successfully grown in other regions, including the southeastern United States, provided it receives the right care.

Ecologically, Colorado Columbine supports a diverse range of pollinators. Its nectar-rich flowers are particularly attractive to hummingbirds, which feed on the nectar while helping to pollinate the plant. The foliage provides cover for small insects and contributes to garden biodiversity.

In landscaping, Colorado Columbine is prized for its delicate, nodding flowers and finely divided, fern-like foliage. It works well as an accent plant in rock gardens, along pathways, or in shaded borders. Its charming blooms and attractive foliage add a touch of elegance and whimsy to any garden setting. By incorporating Colorado Columbine into your garden, you can enjoy its unique beauty while supporting local wildlife and promoting ecological balance.

Colorado Columbine - Aquilegia coerulea

  • Zone: 3-8
    Spread: 1-1.5 feet
    Height: 1-3 feet
    Sun: Full sun to partial shade
    Water: Medium
    Bloom Time: Late spring to early summer
    Attracts: Bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds

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