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Blue Vervain (Verbena hastata) is a tall, elegant perennial native to the eastern and central United States, including the Southeast. Known for its slender, spike-like clusters of blue-violet flowers, this plant adds a touch of graceful beauty to any garden setting.

Blue Vervain flourishes in full sun to part shade and prefers moist, well-drained soil. It grows to a height of 24 to 48 inches with a spread of 12 to 18 inches, forming a stately upright clump. The plant produces dense, vertical spikes of tiny blue-violet flowers from mid to late summer. These blooms are highly attractive to bees and butterflies, providing a valuable nectar source during the summer months.

Ecologically, Verbena hastata supports pollinator populations, making it an excellent addition to wildlife-friendly gardens. Its long blooming period and abundant nectar contribute to the biodiversity and health of the garden ecosystem.

In landscaping, Blue Vervain is ideal for adding height and color to borders, wet meadows, and rain gardens. It pairs well with other native perennials and can be used to create a naturalistic, meadow-like effect. Its low maintenance needs, combined with its ecological benefits, make it a valuable choice for gardeners looking to enhance their outdoor spaces with native plants. Incorporating Blue Vervain into your landscape not only enhances its beauty but also supports the ecological health of the environment.

Blue Vervain - Verbena hastata

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  • Zone: 3-8

    Spread: 1-2.5 ft.

    Height: 2-6 ft.

    Sun: Full sun

    Water: Average to wet

    Attracts: Butterflies

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